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My New Road Bike

Over the summer I've been working getting more fit, and had a lot of fun doing it. I was out on my hybrid bike quite a bit, but wanted to be out on the road for longer trips. The bike path system here in Calgary is great for many things, but not so good when you are trying to increase speed, rack up milage, and work on cadence. There are too many idiots that like to stop and chat, AND STAND ON THE FREAKING PATH!!! And dogs, don't get me started on dogs, to say nothing of the "owner" who is the stupid one of the pair.

So after thinking it over carefully, I decided that I wanted to get a nicer bike. That left me in the tri-bike vs road bike dilemma. Once I considered that I'll always like riding my bike, but might only ever do a few shorter tri's, the decision got easier. Then Speed Theory put some bikes on sale, and I was hooked. Here's some photos of my new bike.


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